Stay healthy – stay hygienic in public

The general public are disgusting, aren’t they? While that might not be the cheeriest opening sentence to an article, it’s certainly one of the truest.

Venturing into the outside world is like entering an invisible doomsday laden with more germs than a second-hand hazmat suit purchased from a Chernobyl branch of Oxfam.

People on buses will sneeze in your direction, tiny children will pick their nose then touch everything in sight, and random passers-by will spit on the street like rain-deprived farmers trying to nourish their crops.

Sometimes it seems the only place you can be safe is in the comfort of your own home. But the outside world doesn’t have to be filled with fear, disgust and potential illness.

If you’re worried about germs spreading in public, especially during the winter season, have a look at some of these tips to keep yourself bacteria-free.

Find the ideal washroom

Although the number of public toilets is decreasing rapidly, you can still track down a few that are spick and span.

The worst kinds are like biohazard zones, laced with more dirt and grime than a freshly burrowed mole. However, track down one with effective washroom cleaning services and you can guarantee you’ll be safe from bacteria.

You can figure out your favourite public toilets through trial and error, or you could try The Great British Public Toilet Map, a site featuring reviews of washrooms and a list of all their features.

Get tooled up

There’s little worse than being trapped in the middle of town, feeling unhygienic and realising there isn’t a public toilet in sight.

Make sure this never happens by bringing along a hygiene kit with you wherever you go. Stock up on antibacterial gel and wet wipes that you can whip out at any time. Not only will this make you more hygienic, but it’ll give you the chance to help out anyone else having a cleanliness crisis.

Fist bump to good health

You might think of fist bumping as being solely the preserve of the Bloods and Crips, but using it as a greeting in public is actually far more advisable than a traditional handshake.

A handshake, with its full body contact, actually spreads a huge number of germs between people. Doctors have even stopped the greeting entirely.

So if you have to make bodily contact with a stranger, do it safely – make like Biggy Smalls and bump a fist.

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