Choosing your new floors

The floors of a room is a big part of the expression of the room. Choosing the right floor for your home is a crucial part of choosing your style.


How do you choose the right floors for your home when renovating, refurbishing or building a new home?

This article will guide you to the different possibilities, qualities and functionalities of floors to help you find your way when choosing new floors for your home.


Choose a floor that is made to last

When deciding on which floors to choose for your new or existing home, one thing should always matter: The life span of the floor. If you are going for having bare floors, the life span of the floor is important both when it comes to durability and aesthetics.

Go for flooring that is made to last.

Hardwood floors are a great solution, that will last for decades and keep looking beautiful if you make sure to treat your floors properly.

Hardwood floors have many finishes, patterns and qualities that we’ll now take a closer look at.


2 strip wooden flooring


The 2-strip wooden flooring combines beautiful and dynamic design with the sturdy and classic plank-look. 2-strip patterns look softer than entire planks, but still have the straight lines incorporated, making them especially suitable for sports, dance and yoga-rooms, where it is nice to be able to focus on any straight lines in the room.



Plank hardwood flooring


There are no frills when it comes to plank hardwood flooring. You get exactly what you see: sturdy, solid and stable hardwood planks. Plank hardwood flooring is especially advisable if you plan to fill the room with a lot of interesting objects. The simpler design of the floors will add calmness to the expression of the room.


Herringbone flooring


There is nothing exactly like the mother of elegant hardwood flooring; the herringbone pattern. The combination of smaller planks and highly elegant patterning is a true tour de force of classic hardwood flooring design. There is an inherent delicacy in the herringbone pattern that is suitable for most rooms, both small and large. Choose herringbone when you won’t mind people noticing your floors!


Superior parquet hardwood floors


If you are looking for the very best of hardwood floors, you can find hardwood floors here.


There is no question that hardwood floor are of a superior quality to most other types of flooring, and there is both a natural beauty and timeless elegance to parquet flooring that you will not attain with any other type of floor. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your parquet floors will stay beautiful.

And the durability of these floors will keep you happy for decades to come!

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