Budget New York: How to Eat, Sleep, and Travel in Jamaica on the Cheap


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Are the sky-high prices of hotels in New York putting you off a trip to the Big Apple? While Manhattan and Brooklyn are home to some of the most expensive rooms in the US, a stay in nearby Jamaica will save you some serious cash on your next getaway.

The Queens neighborhood takes its name from the Jameco tribe of Indians who inhabited the area around Baisley Pond. Originally an agricultural center, Jamaica has since blossomed into a bustling area that is just a short bus ride from the bright lights of NYC.

A trip to Jamaica, New York doesn’t have to cost the earth. Great value hotels like the Quality Inn Jamaica help to make it a wallet-friendly destination. Clever travelers use these simple tips and tricks to find cheap hotels in Jamaica and plan a memorable vacation on a small budget.

Budget Accommodation

Jamaica is a great area to find low-cost accommodation like the Best Western Jamaica Inn, which costs a fraction of the price of hotels found in downtown Manhattan. You can also rent a spare room of a Jamaica resident, which will give you a unique perspective and an affordable base form which to explore Jamaica and beyond.

Use a hotel comparison site to quickly and easily compare all available accommodation options. Hipmunk will search hundreds of cheap Jamaica hotels, guesthouses, and Airbnb listings to find your perfect vacation property in no time.

Cheap Eats in Jamaica

While dining in high-end hotel restaurants can set you back several hundred dollars, there are plenty of places to grab an affordable and delicious meal if you know where to look. The Jamaica Center on the north side of Jamaica Avenue has a food court where you can find an array of dishes at great prices.

The food truck scene is starting to pick up and there are several options to choose from. Check out food truck maps to see what carts and trucks are around during your visit.

You can also choose to rent a hotel room with a small kitchenette or a microwave and refrigerator so you can save some cash by not having to dine out for every meal.

Affordable Transportation

La Guardia Airport is 8 miles away from Jamaica, while JFK Airport is 13 miles away from the heart of the borough. Both airports have a huge selection of flights to major destinations in the US and worldwide, as well as excellent ground transportation links that make getting to and from the airport a breeze.

The IND Queens Boulevard line of the New York City Subway terminates at 179th Street Station next to the Jamaica Estate Neighborhood. Public buses connect the borough to the Bronx, the Rockaways, and midtown Manhattan.

By following these tips and planning your New York adventure in advance you are bound to score a cheap hotel in Jamaica and save some money on your next getaway. What do you think about Jamaica? Any other places you’d like to travel to?

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