From Blah to Spa: 3 Easy Ways to Transform a Tired Bathroom

Let us take you on a relaxing journey to a luxurious spa …

There you are, blissfully melting away your troubles in the sauna, pool, steam room or Jacuzzi, when, suddenly, you’re punched in the midsection by the memory of your bathroom back home.

Reminders of your mould covered porcelain, tatty accessories and besmirched surfaces come flooding back, the horror powerfully reinforced by the opulence of your current surroundings.

Quite simply, your own bathroom is in desperate need of an overhaul.

Rather than crying into your yoga mat and lamenting the fact your wash area will never resemble that of a health resort, read our three easy ways to transform your bathroom from blah to spa …

Create an Ambience

Unless your bathroom has the proper ambience, you’re unlikely to unwind as you would during a spa day. After all, a florescent light beaming down as you soak in the tub is enough to make you feel like you’re onboard a UFO awaiting some kind of otherworldly experiment.

To avoid this, make sure your lighting is soft and controlled by a waterproof dimmer. Alternatively, opt for candlelight to create a romantic and relaxing mood, with scented candles adding a nice touch to take the edge off a long, hard day.

Upgrade Your Accessorises

It sounds simple, but upgrading your bathroom’s accessories is one of the easiest ways to give it a decidedly spa-like feel. As a result, chuck out your old tat and begin to beautify your room with some well-appointed products.

This can be as straightforward as investing in bath mats to comfort your tootsies as you step from the shower, some new items for nourishing your skin or tresses, or even a bamboo blind to replace your tired looking canopy.

Improve Your Shower

Unless you have a limitless supply of cash, transforming your bathroom is a gradual process, with each step designed to turn it from blah to spa in a matter of weeks or months. For bigger spenders, however, a new shower to recreate the spa experience is necessary.

For those of you on a smaller budget, it’s worthwhile upgrading your shower head to something with a bit more life, as there’s nothing more refreshing than a powerful deluge of water to wash away your troubles and leave you feeling refreshed.

Now it’s over to you …

Do you have any easy ways to transform a tired bathroom? Let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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