3 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Just like we need to take care of our own bodies, we also need to help our pets live an active and healthy lifestyle. But what do you need to do to keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come? While they can be taken to an animal-care center for vaccinations and other needed medical procedures, many of the activities that have the greatest impact on your dog’s health occur in the home. The following tips will make all the difference for your four-legged friend.


1.     A Balanced Diet

Proper diet doesn’t just affect your dog’s weight. It has an impact on everything from the strength of his teeth to the appearance of his fur. When your dog eats healthy foods, he’ll have the energy needed for play and avoid illness and other health complications.


Raw foods are best for dogs, as these pack in the most nutrients while minimizing the use of preservatives. Commercial pet food is usually acceptable, but you should try to find foods that are high in vitamins and low in preservatives. Remember that dogs have different dietary needs than humans — as tempting as it may be to feed your leftovers to Fido, you’ll do him a favor by cleaning up your own plate.


2.     Learn New Tricks

Many owners focus on the physical well-being of their dogs, but taking steps to keep your pet mentally alert is important as well. Dogs love to learn, whether that be by practicing a new trick or exploring a new environment. These experiences remain important as your dog gets older, as well. Exposure to new things will help your dog tap into his natural instinctive qualities.


3.     Regular Exercise

Your dog has a lot of energy — and he needs to get let out! The simple routine of going for a walk each day provides a much-needed form of release, while also ensuring that your dog stays physically fit. Owners who really prioritize their pet’s health often incorporate a diverse range of activities into their dog’s routine, such as agility training, playing fetch, or trail running. Such activities will keep your dog in good health by providing both a physical and mental workout — and they’ll help you stay in shape, too!


Parting Thoughts

As you practice these simple habits, you’ll be able to keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come. Not only will this help lower your vet bills; it will also allow you to create many fun memories together.

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