Thailand is one of the naturally breathtaking places to visit in Asia. A vacation in this scenic country is an unforgettable experience. The wonderful landscapes are there to be gazed at and what best way to investigate nature’s gift to mankind than with a bike? Motorcycle tours in Thailand with vintage rides offer you a luxury while you take in the beautiful scenery.

Your pick of vintage bikes awaits you as you ride through Thailand in style.

Here are tips to look out for on a road trip to Thailand and places to go or visit

The Golden Triangle

Famous and aptly named because three countries meet at this point. Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos share the Triangle. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Thailand. You will definitely have a pleasing experience riding through this mythical scene with a vintage bike. The view is not only captivating but one to adore. Taking a camera along may be the wisest decision you’ve ever made.

The Mekong River

The Mekong River is deemed the greatest in Southeast Asia. It’s not difficult to figure out why. This river spans different countries including Thailand and is a joy to behold. You may need to get on a boat to experience its true nature. There are motorcycle tours in Thailand with vintage rides that feature off-track activities and taking your backpack and hopping on a boat is one of them.

Sukhothai and Luang Prabang

A visit to any UNESCO world heritage site is one to cherish and brag about. Sukhothai and Luang Prabang just happen to be two of such rare sites located in Thailand. Motorcycle tours in Thailand with vintage rides take you through religious and cultural monuments. You get to see picturesque temples and withering colonial structures that ooze history. Collapsing French mansions from colonial times are also popular as in other Southeastern Asian countries.

The Food

Rice is a huge staple and goes along with anything spicy. Add vegetables, herbs, meat or fish and Thailand just comes alive. Different flavors adorn each meal and you’d be tempted to be like Oliver Twist and ask for more. Rice paddies are a common site and hardly a moment goes by without an offer to drink tea. (Thailand has tea plantations). Other snacks are sold and you may have to take some along.

The People

A paradise is not complete without its people. The people are tolerant and happy to have visitors share in their culture and way of life even if it’s for a few days. Thailand is a culturally diverse country but one thing in common is the hospitable nature of the people and their willingness to help you enjoy your stay. Thai is the spoken language but don’t be surprised to hear a little bit of English or French.

Finally… With Motorcycle tours in Thailand with vintage rides, you do more than visit the standard tourist locations or attractions, you explore this beautiful paradise.

A camera to trap the road trip in print would be awesome to take along.








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