Stop the horror of crime in your business

Lurking outside, like zombies in a horror film, myriad dangers lurk. They threaten businesses, battering at their windows and moaning phrases to strike terror in your bank balance.

Burglary, fire, vandalism, internet hacks, freak accidents – without the right security, they’ll hang around your thoughts until they’ve pounded their way into reality.

And your business isn’t alone – last year, in London alone, there were 30,466 crimes committed per 1,000 premises.

But your business doesn’t have to be killed off in the first half of this horror flick. Instead of taking it into the proverbial woods alone, beef up your security for better peace of mind. There are tons of ways to deter burglars and natural accidents – just try a few of these tips.

Protect your walls

You might not think about it as you grind away at your desk, but your measly plasterboards will whimper at the sight of flames. Fire will breathe through them like a knife through warm butter.

And if a fire can break through those walls, just imagine how easy it could be for a determined burglar. Thankfully for your quivering plasterboard, products like Durasteel, a wall fortification device primarily designed for fire safety, exists to fend off flames.

With blast protection for up to four hours, this is a must-purchase if you’re in a workplace rife with fire hazards.

Keep an eye out

Even just a decade ago, concealing a CCTV system was like hiding a neon woolly mammoth in a well-lit area. With all those wires, plugs and rotation platforms, they weren’t exactly ungainly.

How things change. Now, you could practically fit a camera inside a thimble. Some companies even offer hidden cameras inside Blu-ray players, lighters, glasses and even smoke detectors, all wirelessly connected to laptops via Bluetooth.

Sometimes even your staff can prove to be a security scare – so watch them without them even realising.

Beat the net

You might have the world’s most elaborate security system surrounding your building – robot security guards, techno-sniffer dogs, electrified fencing and all – but your computer could still be allowing criminals to break in with the merest click of a mouse.

Arm your desktop to the teeth with an internet security system (Norton or MacAfee come highly recommended), be sure to change your passwords frequently and vary them for all your web accounts.

These should come as common sense tips but, with businesses suffering billions of pounds worth of damage online, company owners clearly aren’t paying attention.

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