4 Ways You Can Help Your Laser Treatment Beauty Claim

Going to the beauty salon and getting a procedure done for aesthetic or wellbeing reasons, like laser hair removal, should be a relaxing experience. So if you are injured as a result of an aesthetic procedure it can be highly distressing. But unfortunately laser hair removal treatments do come with some risks.

The last thing on your mind if you are injured by laser treatment may be to make a claim for compensation. But it is important to do the right thing at this stage so that if you do decide to go forward with a claim, you have the right material and information to help increase the chances of your claim being successful.

  1. Speak Up in the Salon

If you are injured when receiving a laser hair removal treatment then do not leave the premises without having spoken to a manager or someone in charge. It is important that they know what happened. You don’t need to have them say how they are going to rectify the situation or even admit that anything is wrong, but you do need to speak up and explain what went wrong and how you have been injured.

  1. Take Photos and Video

If you have suffered a laser burn it is a good idea to get photos of the injury or video as soon as possible after it happens. Obviously, with treatment a burn or other injury can look much better. It is a good idea to document how the injury looked at the time.

  1. Get Eyewitness Accounts

If anyone saw the incident happen or can give evidence about the state of your health or the impact of your injury, take their details and make sure that you can contact them if you do decide to make a claim.

  1. Keep Good Records

Keep good records of all the treatment you have following your injury, including the type of treatment, the name of the doctor, and the costs you accumulated getting to appointments and for loss of earnings. Make sure you keep documentation of the diagnosis of specialists when you see them after the injury.

Keeping these records and making sure you record details of the incident will all help you when it is time to make a claim for personal injury compensation. It is also essential to get advice from a specialist personal injury claims lawyer who will be able to help progress your case and ensure that you are doing everything correctly in order to make your claim successful.


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