3 Ways to Better Utilize Your Garage

Though the garage is primarily designed as a safe place for your cars, for many people, it also becomes a key storage area. But while the garage can provide plenty of room for storage, many families allow this space to become cluttered and cramped. When this happens, you might have trouble fitting your car in the garage or finding the items you’re trying to store. Here are some simple tips to better organize and utilize your garage.


Industrial Shelving

You can easily improve your garage with industrial shelving. Metal shelving systems provide ample space to store seasonal items, sports equipment, and other goods you’ve placed in garage storage. Many shelving systems can be fully customized or adapted to fit your needs, making it easy to store lawn tools and other bulkier items.


The key benefit of using industrial shelving is organization. Rather than having items lying in unorganized piles, everything can be neatly arranged and labelled, making it easy to find what you need. Industrial shelving constructed from durable metal also has the strength to withstand the occasional bumps and collisions that might occur in the garage.


Overhead Storage

If you don’t have adequate floorspace for industrial shelving, you can still improve your organizational efforts with overhead storage options. Many homeowners opt for vertical storage — options such as overhead shelving, racks, or pegboards — that allow items to be stored on the walls or even from the ceiling. This way, you can find space for everything without crowding the floor.


For best results, place the items that you’ll need to use most often at a more accessible height. Items that are rarely used should be stored higher up.


Clear Out

For many homeowners, the problem isn’t finding space to store everything — it’s the simple fact that they are hanging on to items that they don’t really need. Broken tools that you’ll never get around to repairing, items that you purchased but have never needed, or even half-empty paint cans take up more space than you realize! By going through your garage and getting rid of the items that you don’t actually need, you will free up much-needed space.



Organizing your garage may feel like a daunting task — and it could very well require quite a bit of time and effort! However, the end results are well worth it. As you take steps to organize your space and clear out the mess, you’ll gain easier access to the items you need. You may even be able to park your cars inside the garage again.

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